spray on foundation waterproofing

Foundation Waterproofing

For the past 7 years, Montana Basement has been helping contractors and homeowners effectively waterproofing their new and existing building foundations.  We use only a premium grade of asphalt emulsion that is applied hot to the exterior of the foundation wall and footer under intense pressure.  Applied at a cured thickness of 40 mils, this coating is like a rubberized coating that is bonded to the cement surface – ensuring both proper adhesion and waterproofing qualities.

  • MBS foundation waterproofing is applied HOT, and under high pressure – assuring proper adhesion and coverage
  • Over 2000% stretch capability – one of the best in the industry!  No more hairline cracks causes your foundation waterproofing to leak.
  • An industry leading 10 year basic warranty, with up to 20 years if optional drainboard is utilized.
  • 2 color above grade finishes (gray and tan) – Avoid having that unsightly black line near the grade level
  • Montana Basement Solutions’ trademark “FloodCoat on the Footer” ensures that our heaviest foundation waterproofing application is where it counts…at the cold seam on the footer.
  • Pre-spray prep work starts with surveying the foundation pour and patching “bug-holes”, smaller rock pockets, tie holes and other areas of potential concern.  Most contractors just spray over these – leaving your foundation at higher risk of leaks.

Do not be fooled by cheap roll-on “damp proofing” – often sold in 1 and 5 gallon buckets at the big box stores.  These products are not waterproofing, and can often fail early in the home’s life.  Inferior products often have less solids in the material, do not offer stretching capabilities of our spray-on membrane, and are difficult to get a thick, even coat applied.  Surprisingly, proper foundation waterproofing can be had for little more than the cost of buying and applying these products.  Call us today with your foundation measurements to get a quote for our best in class foundation waterproofing services.

Homeowners and contractors:  Don’t skimp on the most important part of your home…the foundation.  Costly repairs to leaky foundations after landscaping and patios/decks are in are NOT good.  As the good doctor says, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

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