Water Issues

Water issues have been around since people started building houses with crawlspaces and basements.

In the areas like Northwest Montana and North Dakota, water tables and soil types can contribute to increased incidents of water intrusions into homes and businesses.

If these water issues are not addressed properly early on, too often the result can be more serious than simply a wet carpet or compromised water heater. Left untreated, water or high moisture in a crawlspace basement can cause serious damage to appliances, wood and drywall materials, and foundation stability. Additionally, the prospect of microbial (mold)growth is real – creating other potential health problems for occupants who may be sensitive to mold spores. Montana Basement Solutions almost always can stop these water intrusions – and stop them for good.

It is important to note that too often homeowners insurance policies do not cover long term groundwater damage, nor do they typically cover the resulting mold damage and treatment. The reality is prevention is almost always cheaper that fixing the problem later.

Montana Basement Solutions has the solutions to fix your crawlspace or basement for good. Don’t let water in your basement keep you from being able to use this part of your home. We have solutions! From fixing cracks in walls to encapsulation (sealed vapor barriers) in crawlspaces, even interior or exterior sump and drainage systems. Montana Basement Solutions is the specialist contractor in this field.

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