It is a common misconception that mold concerns only arise in older homes and buildings.

While mold remediation is often required in older homes where long term moisture issues may have been present, it is often surprisingly common to find substantial amounts of mold in newer construction as well.

Regardless of how old your home or other structure is, with the right (or should we say wrong) conditions present, microbial growth can occur. If these conditions are left to themselves for any amount of time, conditions can worsen, and mold can grow to the point where it may be necessary to have a professional mold testing and/or mold remediation company evaluate and treat the property.

With today’s extremely tight construction methods, lack of ventilation combined with excess moisture can cause rapid growth of mold.  It is vitally important to manage moisture in indoor air properly to avoid these problems long term.  During the construction phase, we have seen increased incidents of mold as well.  This is often the case in geographies with high precipitation, moist ambient air and ground water concerns.  When combined with modern lumber materials and glues (soft woods and glues are easy food for mold) – we again see rapid mold growth if not treated preventively or addressed quickly by keeping the materials dry.  As a guideline, if relative humidity is in excess of 50% for any period of time, there is cause for concern.

Living or working in a mold compromised property may have both short term and long term impacts to your health. If you or someone else in the home or building is experiencing adverse health effects that you suspect are related to mold, we recommend you seek advice from a qualified healthcare professional and consider having your property tested.

Mold can be serious business if not addressed properly. If you need more information on mold testing, mold remediation, and Montana Basement Solutions’ bioenzyme treatments – call or email us today.

Don’t let your mold concerns go unchecked – get a professional inspection & mold test, or remediation services from Montana Basement Solutions right away.