foundation crack repair sealing

Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks on the floors or in the walls allow moisture and water into your home or business.

Cracks can be caused by building settling/damage, improper concrete pour, or by improper drainage around the property. Failure to properly repair foundation cracks can lead to water damage to personal property and building materials, structural concerns, and mold growth in a home or building.

Montana Basement Solutions’ Foundation Crack Repair Process – It Really Works!
Our crack repair process uses a polyurethane resin to bind the crack so that water and moisture can no longer get into your home or business. Traditional crack repair methods use epoxy or caulk to seal the crack. Over time, the caulk or epoxy shrinks as it dries and allows the crack to re-open and allow moisture back into the building.

Don’t believe the hype that many products put out about interior coatings stopping water.  These very rarely work as desired, and can cause expensive and frustrating problems down the road.   If the solution is not injected into the crack at high pressure or applied from the outside of the foundation, sooner or later the crack will leak again.  Foundation crack repair is best left to professionals who perform these repairs every day.

At MBS, we use a polyurethane product that has a seal that repels water and doesn’t shrink, so the crack cannot re-open. Furthermore, Montana Basement Solutions uses high-pressure, closed-cell injections to fill the cracks, further reducing the possibility that the crack could re-open. This process stops leaks and is ideally used for dry cracks that “move,” wet cracks, cracks in the floor or walls, and cracks above and below grade.

Professional foundation crack repair is affordable and fast – call us to find out more about how Montana Basement Solutions can stop water in its tracks when it comes to foundation leaks.